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don't know what we would do but we don't like your plan. that is not going to be a good enough answer for jack lew. bill: we'll get sessions on the air starting next week. we'll see who else is on his side. stephen hayes, thank you. >> thanks, bill. bill: in washington with us today. martha, what's next? martha: what's next is this. we're waiting for new numbers. they're expected to come out in the next hour or so to the extent of this deadly spread of the flu outbreak and there are some new questions whether enough is being done to protect schools with all this. we'll tell you the length of some schools are going to now to disinfect. bill: more than washing your hand, huh? if you saw a pair of men walking through your neighborhood carrying assault rifles what would you do? two guys exercising their second amendment rights here. >> we were educating, letting people know they can come up and talk to us. we're very friendly, said hi to people. we let people know that guns are not bad things. ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watcng. in
secretary of defense invites conflict because bulllies don't respect weakness. >> reporter: hagel's defenders point to his two purple hearts in vietnam. >> chuck hagel is a tremendous patriot and statesman. served incredibly in vietnam. served this country as a united states senator. he hasn't had a chance to speak for himself. so why all the prejudging i don't know. >> reporter: the senate has only rejected nine cabinet nominees since 1834. the last time that they rejected a nominee from a president was in 1989 with john tower who was also up for secretary of defense, bill. bill: who are the leading contenders now for cia director, jennifer? >> reporter: mike morale, for one, the acting director of. cia is being considered. they are settling on john brennan, the chief counterterrorism advisor to the president. he has been very close to the president the past four years. he is the white house choice to replace david petraeus. brennan will face serious questions about his role in the cia enhanced teartation techniques program, other controversial bush era programs. this is the reas
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card, oh by the way, harry reid, you don't have to pass a budget this three years. this is crazy. martha: you don't hear too much about it. who will end up paying? congressman jordan joins us next. bill: will be another great fight. look at this too, what are the little dots at bottom of the screen stretching on the horizon? what does this have to do with superstorm sandy? we'll tell you. martha: new concerns whether president obama's pick for defense secretary might signal a return to a troubling time in u.s. history. we're going to talk about that. bill and i will be right after . [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. martha: well back in court more than one year after the most high-profile murder trial in recent history. casey anthony acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old little girl, kaley,
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Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)